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 Ultimate Aquatics stock a large range of Chillers. If you do not find what you are looking for, give us a call. We may just have what you are looking for or be able to order it in.

Hailea HC series chiller/heater represents a significant step forward in aquarium cooler/heater engineering, offering state of the art technology at highly competitive prices. Large water refrigerated temperatures in aquaria ranging from 100 to 6000 liters. (c. 25 to 1500 gallons) can now be quickly and economically maintained by selecting the correct model from the chillers/heaters in the Hailea HC range and , with a heat exchanger that is manufactured from high grade pure titanium. Lower noise design, quieter than a similar domestic or foreign refrigerator, whilst the digital temperature controller ensures that the selected temperature is maintained.Hailea HC chillers/heaters have srong metal chassis with a housingof contemporary design, ensuring the chillers/heaters does not look out of place in any surroundings and as with the other units, our chillers HC-150A/300A/500A/1000A use the environmental friendly refrigerant R134a 

Available Models:
0.5 Horse Power Chiller
1 Horse Power Chiller
1.25 Horse Power Chiller
1.25 Horse Power Chiller/Heater
2 Horse Power Chiller/Heater
3 Horse Power Chiller/Heater


Resun Aquarium Chiller unit
Combined heater and chiller unit for large aquariums.

Product Features
Digital display, remote controll for easy use, 1800l chilling, from 2 degrees upwards.  

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