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T5 Series High Aquarium Lamps

Alluminium light fitting for 3 tubes. Full spectrum available in Coral Blue(20 000k), Super Red(15 000k) and Super White(10 000k) tubes. Suitable for all aquariums and available in the full range of standard aquarium sizes.

Product Features

Energy Saving
Strong illumination

24watt x 3 model - 0.63m
24watt x 3 model - 0.85m
39watt x 3 model - 1m
54watt x 3 model - 1.2m
Suspension Cable for T5 Units
MG Series Metal Halide Lamp

150w 14000k marine bulbs, 24w actinic pl lights

Product Features
humidity and salt resistant
Aluminium casing
Suspended or adjustable clip on feet.

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