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Red Sea Marine Lab
Correct water conditions are essential for all marine animals. Performing the tests Included in the Marine Lab will assist in establishing and maintaining a successful aquarium. Marine Lab includes tests for:
Includes a 0.85 fl.oz. trial bottle of Success Buff supplement.

Red Sea marine lab
Red Sea ph/alkalinity lab
Red Sea ammonia mini lab
Red Sea nitrite mini lab
Red Sea nitrate mini lab
Red Sea phosphate mini lab
Red Sea calcium mini lab
Red Sea calcium pro mini lab
Red Sea copper mini lab
Red Sea silica mini lab
Red Sea oxygen mini lab
Red Sea magnesium test lab
Red Sea Reef Lab
Ideal for saltwater reef aquarium systems.
Tests for nitrate, phosphate and calcium with enough reagents for 60 tests each. The kit also includes 6 reef supplements: calcium, strontium, molybdenum, iodine, trace elements and vitamins.
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