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Success Supplements are a complete range of aquarium supplements for marine and reef aquariums, including unique products for enhanced coral growth and development. Through exact ion balancing these formulas continue to maintain excellent water chemistry even as the elements are utilized. They are available in both 100 & 415 ml transparent bottles that include a 10 ml scale for easy dosing. All of the supplements have been formulated for weekly addition to the aquarium.

415 ml bottles treats 10,000 L. 100 ml bottles treats 2,400 L

Red Sea Success Buff

Marine pH buffering solution

The pH of natural seawater is remarkably stable due to its nearly inexhaustible stock of dissolved buffers (mainly bicarbonates), which prevent pH changes.

In an aquarium the buffering substances are used up by calcareous algae and invertebrates and by the acid waste products of the fish.  A low buffer capacity (alkalinity) may allow a sudden fall in pH which would be very dangerous to all organisms in the aquarium.  Check the alkalinity of your aquarium weekly with Red Sea’s pH/Alkalinity Mini-lab test kit.

Marine Success Buff contains carbonates and bicarbonates of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Boron blended in the ratio as found in natural seawater.  When used weekly as directed, Buff will maintain a high buffer capacity and a stable pH.

Recommended for use in conjunction with weekly 10% water changes

Buff - 100ml
Buff - 415ml
Red Sea Success Vita

Vitamin complex formula for marine fish and invertebrates

Success Vita is a vitamin complex, which provides all the essential vitamins that invertebrates require and helps to maintain good health, vitality, resistance to diseases and the bright colors of your marine fish.

Vita can be used either by adding it to the aquarium water to stimulate growth of macro algae and invertebrates or as a food additive for marine fish as directed below.

Vita - 100ml
Vita - 415ml
Red Sea Success Green

Nutrient complex to stimulate growth of desirable macro algae

Success Green is a scientifically formulated enrichment solution containing iron and manganese to stimulate and maintain growth of higher algae.  It also provides all the other minor and trace elements required for macro algae like Caulerpa and Halimeda species.  These algae not only improve the aesthetic aspects of the marine aquarium, they also play an important role in maintaining a stable aquarium ecosystem, by removing unwanted nitrate and phosphate from your aquarium.  They also produce oxygen and secrete vitamins into the aquarium water. Success Green does not contain nitrate or phosphate.

Green - 100ml
Green - 415ml
Red Sea Success Marine Trace

Trace element replenisher for all marine aquariums

The trace elements found in natural sea water play a vital role in the life cycles of both animals and plants.  A shortage of trace elements results in poor growth of invertebrates and higher algae.

Success Marine Trace is scientifically formulated for weekly use to replace those trace elements used up in the aquarium by invertebrates, algae and bacteria and are depleted by protein skimming and ozonization.  Use in conjunction with weekly 10% water changes (i.e. using Red Sea Salt).

Contains the following elements:
I, Mo, Zn, V, As, Ti, Ni, Cr, Mn, Co, Se, W, Ge, Ag, Bi, Sb, Sn, Nb, Be, Au, In, Y.

Marine Trace - 100ml
Marine Trace - 415ml
Red Sea Success Calcium +3

Calcium, Strontium, Molybdenum, Iodine.

Calcium and strontium are utilized by corals, other calcareous invertebrates and seaweed. Iodine and molybdenum are essential for the cell processes of the aquarium inhabitants. These elements are used up faster than can be compensated by partial water changes.

Calcium +3 is the only formulated calcium replenisher which combines strontium, molybdenum and iodine in a unique manner so that no cation or anion displacement occurs when added to the aquarium.This formula will promote the grwoth of hard and soft corals and other invertebrates.

Calcium +3 - 100ml
Calcium +3 - 415ml
Red Sea Success Iodine

Iodine replenisher essential for soft corals & invertebrates

The trace element iodine plays a very important role in the life cycle of invertebrates especially soft corals and crustaceans as well as fish and seaweeds.  Iodine is rapidly depleted from the aquarium water through protein skimming and at a faster rate if ozone is applied.

Success Iodine is formulated for weekly use to avoid iodine deficiency in the reef & marine aquarium.  When dosed correctly, soft corals will show improved growth and optimal extension.

Iodine - 100ml
Iodine - 415ml
Red Sea Success Calcium

Ion balanced Calcium for sustained Coral Growth

In the reef aquarium, a constant high calcium level is required to promote the growth of hard corals.  This element should be supplemented regularly, since it is used up quickly by the growing corals and calcareous algae.

Success Calcium will not affect the pH or alkalinity (buffer capacity) of your aquarium and small amounts will raise the calcium level considerably.  This product contains only natural components in a balanced composition, which will not disturb the anion balance of the sea salt even after prolonged use.  Calcium should be supplemented together with Strontium, Molybdenum & Trace in combination with weekly 10% water changes, (i.e. using Red Sea Salt).

Calcium - 100ml
Calcium - 415ml
Red Sea Success Strontium

Ion balanced Strontium for growth of Corals & Invertebrates

Although only a minor trace element in seawater, Strontium is essential to the building of calcareous skeletons, shells of corals, mollusks and many other invertebrates. Strontium is only one of the elements constantly extracted from seawater by reef building organisms and should therefore be added regularly together with Calcium, Molybdenum & Trace elements.

To maintain and stimulate coral growth, use regularly in combination with weekly 10% water changes (i.e. using Red Sea Salt).

Strontium - 100ml
Strontium - 415ml
Red Sea Success Molybdenum

Essential element for the entire reef ecosystem

Molybdenum plays a vital role in the biology of many marine invertebrates, filter bacteria and sea weeds. Among other functions, it is an essential component of certain enzymes produced by the above mentioned organisms. Regular dosing of this element is vital for the long term health of the reef aquarium ecosystem.

Molybdenum is only one of the elements constantly extracted from seawater and should therefore be added regularly together with calcium, strontium & trace elements.

To maintain and stimulate coral growth, use regularly in combination with weekly 10% water changes (i.e. using Coral Reef Red Sea Salt).

Molybdenum - 100ml
Molybdenum - 415ml
Red Sea Success Coral Trace

Replaces trace elements as used by Corals & Invertebrates

In addition to Calcium and Bicarbonate ions, corals take up a range of minor trace elements which form part of the crystal structure of the coral skeleton. Studies have shown that although there are slight differences between the species, the mean ratio of the trace elements and the relationship between these elements and calcium is fairly constant.

Coral Trace is a scientifically formulated mixture of the trace elements prepared in the same proportions as used by corals. Coral Trace should be used in conjunction with calcium supplements such as Success Calk (Calcium & Bicarbonate supplement) for complete and balanced coral growth.

Coral Trace - 100ml
Coral Trace - 415ml
Red Sea Success Magnesium
Magnesium plays an important role in the reef aquarium. In addition to its many biological functions, it serves to prevent the excessive precipitation of calcium and bicarbonate, which lowers the calcium level and causes a drop in alkalinity. Magnesium should be maintained at approximately 3 times the level of Calcium, measured in ppm. Success Magnesium contains only natural components in a balanced composition that safely raise the Magnesium level without disturbing the anion balance of the seawater even after prolonged use. Magnesium should be supplemented in combination with weekly 10% water changes, (i.e. using Red Sea’s Red Sea Salt.)
Magnesium - 100ml
Magnesium - 415ml
Red Sea Success Calk

The ideal calcium replenisher, Easy to use, easy to dose, easy for success.

Calk is the result of continuous research into hard coral growth, the goal of which was to develop a superior alternative to kalkwasser, calcium reactors or calcium chloride supplements.

Calk safely and simply replenishes the calcium and carbonate as utilized by reef-building correct proportions and at the exact rate that they are ken out of the aquarium water. Calk is dosed by monitoring the calcium and alkalinity of the water with accurate test kits. An Alkalinity Pro test kit is provided free with each 500 grams of calk.

When used together with Success Coral Trace, all of the elements found in coral skeletons are provided in the correct ratios.  

success Calk does not affect pH or cause any undesirable effects.
Available in 17.5oz bucket(500gr)

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