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JAGER Heaters

There is no better quality aquarium heater on the market.

Simple ideas often are the best ones, for example, the aquarium heater as a rod. The heating rod is simply hung in the water and heats it. It's true that principle is still the same as decades ago, but a lot has changed in the meantime. Today the JÄGER aquarium heater is an ultra-modern thermal device using the best available technology. Now - with in its new jacket of DURAN laboratory glass - it offers another an extra quality dimension.

  • The temperature can be precisely adjusted from 18° to 34°C and readjusted if required. The control accuracy is +/- 0.5°C.
  • The heat is controlled to a constant temperature. The heating function is indicated by an on/off control lamp
  • The heater can be fully immersed, is protected against running dry and is suitable for fresh or marine water.
  • The glass jacket enlarges the geating surface and ensures optimum even heat transfer. Thus, a smaller wattage than other brands will heat the same volume of water.
  • Jacket of DURAN laboratory safety glass

DURAN laboratory safety glass was made for research purposes. Therefore, it is free from pollutants, which could seep into the water. It is resistant to chemical and biological substances. It does not have any fissures and hair cracks, which condensation water can penetrate. And it is shatter-proof ie. resistant to cold water shock, which can occur during maintenance or sudden water level changes.

JAGER Combined Heater 50 WATT
JAGER is the worlds best heater.
JAGER Combined Heater 75 WATT
JAGER Combined Heater 100 WATT
JAGER Combined Heater 125 WATT
JAGER Combined Heater 150 WATT
JAGER Combined Heater 200 WATT
JAGER Combined Heater 250 WATT
JAGER Combined Heater 300 WATT
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