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  • Advanced control system
  • Produces 3 different waves or whirlpools, automatically change, and adjustable timer control.

  • The small-medium-large waves change automatically in turn to recreate natural wave seen in rivers.
  • The low voltage DC pump makes it safe for users
  • Unique design on the control system,for users to adjust the time on different waves so that best condition for fishes is produced.

Wave information

Small: Power 6.5W / Qmax. 2000 l/h 530 gph / Adjustable Duration 10-20s

Medium: Power 12.5W / Qmax. 8000 l/h 2116 gph / Adjustable Duration 5-15s

Large: Power 25W / Qmax. 15000 l/h 3968 gph / Adjustable Duration 2-10s


  • Pump size: Length 14CM / Width 10CM / Height 7CM
  • Size: Length 16CM / Width 10CM /Height 4.5CM
  • Transformer size:Length 10CM / Width 6CM / Height 4CM
  • VOLT:220V 50/60 hz

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